2009----------De Blokskens, Zandhoven BE, invited competition Open Call for renovation and new
----------------building of social housing
----------------Selection for the architects' pool for large scale projects in Antwerp BE
----------------Sports Centre Zuidrand, Antwerp BE, invited competition 2009, 1st prize, completion 2013
2010----------Luchtbal, Antwerp BE, invited competition for the design of a park and building for youth and
----------------sports infrastructure, AG Stadsplanning Antwerpen, in collaboration with Atelier Veldwerk
2011----------OCMW Rijkevorsel, invited competition Open Call for the partial reorganization and expansion of
----------------the campus
----------------Huis Perrekes, Oosterlo (Geel) BE, invited competition Open Call for the design of the expansion
----------------of a residential and care continuum
2012----------Monnikenbos - Rode Roos, Zoersel BE, invited competition for the transformation of two
----------------buildings, 1st prize
----------------House WL, Brussels BE, refurbishment and extension of a 19th-Century row house
----------------House WVV, Zomergem BE, new build semi-detached private residence
2013----------Starter's Centre, Waregem BE, invited competition
----------------'De Zande' Community Institute for Special Child Welfare, Ruiselede BE, invited competition






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