1997----------Business Centre De Hallen, Kortrijk BE, invited competition, 1st prize, in collaboration
----------------with Lieven Dejaeghere
1998----------Administrative Centre, Sint-Katelijne-Waver BE, open competition, 3rd prize
1999----------De Warande, Turnhout BE, competition in two phases for extension of a cultural centre,
----------------2nd prize
2001----------Utopia Revisited, Lelystad NL, Europan 6 competition, 1st prize, in collaboration with
----------------Christopher Burton and Eddy Joaquim
----------------House KS Oostkamp BE, completion 2004, renovation of a private house
2003----------On Foreign Grounds, Grigny FR, Europan 7 competition
----------------School De Dender, Geraardsbergen BE, invited competition Open Call for extension
----------------of a school
2004----------Houses X and L, Lelystad NL, preliminary design 2004
----------------Renovation House RV Antwerp BE, execution in different phases (last in 2007)
2005----------House VVK, Bruges BE, completion 2009, renovation and extension of a private house
----------------Redevelopment Officierenpark, Brasschaat BE, invited competition Open Call for the
----------------redevelopment of a former residential neighbourhood
2006----------House LS, Moerzeke BE, completion 2008 (Winning selection BIS-fair architectural
----------------renovation competition 2008), renovation of a private house
----------------Linha do Vouga, Aveiro-Viseu PT, report 2006, reconversion of a former railway line
2007----------Currais, Alcoutim PT, preliminary design, conversion of a ruin into a private house
----------------Hof van Belofte, Ostend BE, completion 2013, conversion of a 19th-Century tavern into
----------------an office space and two duplex apartments
----------------Nature Reserve Hoge Bergen-Ekstergoor, Beerse BE, invited competition Open Call
----------------for the masterplan of a visitor’s centre, service buildings and biotopes garden, 1st prize
2008----------House PCB, Sintra PT, preliminary design for a new private house
----------------Childcare centre, Merksem BE, invited competition Open Call for child day care centre






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