2001----------Follow-up study UR712 (feasibility Europan project)
----------------Advice stability, installations en acoustic Advisor's Office ABT Velp NL
2004----------Lelystad: Modelstad?, Lelystad NL, report 2005, design research about the new town
----------------Lelystad, with the support of The Netherlands Architecture Fund, EFL-foundation,
----------------municipality Lelystad, province of Flevoland
2008----------The psychiatric asylum dismantled, various locations NL, report 2009, design research
----------------about the future role of mental asylums in NL, with the support of The Netherlands
----------------Architecture Fund, Fonds Psychische Gezondheid / Netherlands Mental Health Fund),
----------------EFL-foundation, Centrum Zorg en Bouw / Netherlands Board for Healthcare Institutions),
----------------Twynstra Gudde Advisors and Managers
2009----------Border posts, various locations BE, report 2009, design research about the future of
----------------the Flemish border control points, in collaboration with Import-Export Architecture,
----------------Löhmann’s Architecture and Oswald Devisch (PHL)
2012----------‘De toekomst van het gesticht’, design research about the potential transformation of historic
----------------architecture of mental asylums in Flanders, in collaboration with the Flemish Architecture
----------------institute (VAi), Museum Dr. Guislain, Flemish Association for Mental Health (VVGG), with the
----------------support of the Flemish government, presentation 2012




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