2001----------Forum-discussion about Utopia Revisited, City Hall Lelystad NL,16 October
----------------Closing forum of Europan 6, Palais des Congrès, Luik BE, 2–4 December
2002----------Lecture ‘Utopia Revisited’, part of Conference Cycle, ISCTE, Architecture Department,
----------------Lisbon PT, 26 June
----------------Lecture ‘Utopia Revisited’, in forum-discussion over Europan 6, SRS, Order of Architects,
----------------Lisbon PT, 27 June
----------------Presentation ‘Utopia Revisited’, High Institute of Architecture La Cambre, Brussel, February
2004----------Presentation ‘Mensa Secunda – spatial concept’, Conservatory, Amsterdam NL, February
----------------After-talk ‘Mensa Secunda’, Tobacco Factory, Bristol UK, June
2005----------Presentation ‘Voix égales – actions defining the theatrical space’, Conservatory,
----------------Amsterdam NL, March
2006----------Presentation ‘Lelystad: Modelstad?’, Foundation ALS, town-library Lelystad NL, 15 February
----------------Lecture ‘The theatrical space in the interdisciplinary performance’, Centre for research &
----------------development of Electronic Music STEIM, Amsterdam NL, 4 April
----------------Presentation ‘Lelystad: Modelstad?’, The Netherlands Architecture Fund, Utrecht NL,
----------------31 August
2007----------Participation in conference ‘Beyond Clinical Buildings’ (as co-referent), TU Delft, Department
----------------of Architecture, Interiors, Buildings and Cities, 22 March
----------------Lecture ‘Samuel Beckett and the performance Reset’, TU Delft, Department of Architecture,
----------------Interiors, Buildings and Cities,11 May
2008----------Participation in conference 'Conservation by development', presentation of the project
----------------Hof van Belofte as case in the workshop ‘Transformation of urban heritage’, Ostend BE,
----------------24 October
2009----------Lecture ‘Words become Sounds - Samuel Beckett’, TU Delft, Department of Architecture,
----------------Interiors, Buildings and Cities, 10 March





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